Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rebooting the System- Mercury in Aquarius Jan/Feb 2015

Rebooting the System


System Scan (January 4th)

On the Macro and the Micro, we are products of systems, both the systems that we operate under in society and the systems that we build up to make sense of the world around us. Mercury is basically our system administrator on a personal level. He holds all the data we have captured in our lifetime, and helps us to process that data into a higher definition picture of reality. On January 4th, there was a very powerful and emotional Full Moon and that same day, Mercury moved into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius and Mercury get along like gangbusters, and the move basically put the system administrator in charge and empowered. So what's the first thing our hero does? He cracks his knuckles, gets in front of his screen and runs a systems check. Things are looking very interesting, but he'll have to wait till tomorrow to process the data. 

Warnings and Errors (January 5th)

The results are in! It seems like several systems have warnings and errors. After the check, many people will hit the ignore and hide button. Denial on the macro and micro is high. Mercury is checking in with Saturn on January 5th and it is one of the first contacts to Saturn after the move into Sagittarius. (Saturn in Sag explained here) This is a chance to clearly see what programs aren't working, and offers both the bandwidth and focus to examine them. If people are able to examine these programs critically, those that we programmed, and those programmed by the larger culture, then they've got a great chance for a breakthrough when the patch comes in. 

Patches and Downloads (January 14th)

So, we've checked our operating system, and there are some changes that need to be made. Those that ignored the first popups from the system scan will find this day and the immediately following day to be very difficult. Those that have accepted the necessary changes will be downloading some of their fixes and patches at this time. Mercury and Uranus are offering the opportunity to really upgrade the system with some work. There will be a lot of information to process, and there will be time, because Mercury is about to check all his work. 

Systems Analysis (January 21st)

On January 21st, a day after the New Moon and the Sun's move into Aquarius, Mercury sweeps back through all the work that's been done, and integrates it into the system. If no patches have been downloaded, this is when the errors start compounding. Those that have changed some of their systems, or become aware of some of the bigger networks will begin to process the new information. Also, at this time there will be a great searching for more information to further solidify and fine-tune the new information. Even really good downloads may have a bit of malware attached, and this is an opportunity to really test the new upgraded system. 

Beta Testing (January 27th and 28th)

These are key days for testing out the new and hopefully improved programs. Also, since other people are going through this same upgrade, they'll be testing theirs out as well. Mercury will be very interested in sharing the insights gained and hoping to spark even higher gains through inventive and attentive conversation. The more people step into their upgraded systems, the more efficient, adjusted and advanced these systems and programs can be. It's difficult to explain, but there's an opportunity to start developing in the cloud. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 27th, there is a dissolving of boundaries with a clear view of the systems. Which means many will start to more clearly see the systems of others. There is the potential for connecting to a self-creating shared culture, that has enough unity to really challenge some of the bigger systemic problems. 

Upgrades and Breakdowns (February 5th)

Saturn meets with Mercury again. Was the work done? If so, there are big upgrades that come in the form of more effective and honest communication. Mercury will be humming and brimming with plans and tying up all the loose ends so when he starts moving forward again, he gets a running start. If not, right around here is the breakdowns both mental and physical. Some may even hit bottom. Luckily, there will be a lot of empowered and patched people around to lend their hands. 

Reboot (February 11th and 12th)

Mercury starts moving forward again and those that have reset, reprogrammed and rebooted their systems are ready to get started on the larger ones. There will be a shift here, with many of the internal processes starting to manifest external results. Changes in long held patterns, freer and less constricted communication, and ease in seeing the path forward. In many ways this is just in time, as the final square between Pluto and Uranus is only one month away. Big external change is roiling, and the internal work that was done during this retrograde will be a benefit in navigating those changes.  

Keep Calm and Reboot!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Goddess in a Business Suit (Venus in Capricorn)

Goddess in a Business Suit

     On December 10th Venus moved into Capricorn, and she'll be there until January 3rd. This transit happens once a year, but this year she will be joining up with Pluto right around the holidays. There are many things happening in the stars this month, and Venus, as an inner, faster moving planet plays a trigger role in the greater unfolding narratives. In this post, I will explain some of the archetypes associated, how you can expect this energy to play out, and give some advice on how to navigate the transit. 

Formal Venus

     Venus is the planet that embodies the astrological conception of the feminine. Venus is the receptive and magnetic part of human interaction. If you boil down the interplay between humans as push and pull, Venus is the pull to the push of Mars. Venus beautifies, enhances, sensitizes and attracts. Capricorn is the sign of the heights, of ambition, and material mastery. Capricorn pushes to organize things on a practical level so that they're efficient, effective, and enduring. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so there's a certain amount of restriction inherent in the sign. There's the knowledge of what's socially acceptable, and what personal needs must be restricted in order for the whole to be better organized. When Venus puts on her business suit, (by moving into Capricorn) her work becomes more formalized, inhibited, and limited.

     Imagine Venus in Capricorn as the head of human resources in a large corporation. In this particular case, her workload involves managing the relationships within the company. With such a role, her own needs take a back seat to the needs of the company culture. There are expectations of growth in some areas, and places where there need to be cutbacks. These decisions of where to put resources and where to withdraw them is tough on Venus. She would love to simply give resources freely and set up everyone in the company with bonuses, but she has a budget. That budget is the time and emotional resources that are available. When Venus is in Capricorn, people have to make the decisions on who to invest time and energy into in their relationships.

     So the real work of this transit is to realistically assess our own relationships, our own emotional resources and figure out how to allocate them.

Boardroom Showdown!

     Venus transits can sometimes pass almost unnoticed, but this one in particular is very powerful because it is heavily involved with corporate crisis. Uranus and Pluto, two of the heavyweight slow moving outer planets are involved in a tug of war that's lasted the last four years. To stick with the metaphor, Pluto is the C.E.O. of the corporation, and is very uninterested in the lives of the employees, what their feelings are, or what their needs are. The C.E.O. is only interested in the profit and loss statement, and how healthy the company is fundamentally. Uranus is the head of research and development, and is at work on all the new products that could make or break the company. Many of these new products are challenging the culture of the company, and may even lead to a loss of control by the C.E.O. in the direction that the company is going. 

     So there is a lot of stress in the boardroom, and Venus is at the table trying to figure out how to manage the expectations of these two heavyweights at the table. She is trying to do something well above her pay grade that she's never been trained for. To put it in very human terms, Venus is working to balance the desire for unrestrained creativity in all departments, and loyalty to the C.E.O. that runs the company because she wants to keep her job. 

     The way this plays out in personal relationships is that relationships feel very uncertain and stressed and strained at this point. In many ways people are putting on social masks in their relationships to keep up the appearance of everything working effectively. But on the inner level, there's a drive for freedom in relationship, and a desire to cut out those people that limit or restrict that freedom. This drive for freedom often means a breakdown or transformation in relationships, and that means that many are on both sides of the equation. The drive for freedom triggers a need to control to keep the status quo. Security vs. freedom is an age-old question, and our personal relationships are going to be part of the battlefield between these two forces in the coming weeks. 

Tips of the Trade

     So, in the midst of all this pressure, what should be done? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the metaphor of a company can still help. One of the best ways to handle this transit is to really go through your relationships and make a profit and loss statement for each. What are you getting and what are you giving? What is the level of freedom in that relationship and what is the level of security? If you're in the red in a relationship, it's a good time to give that relationship a boost, or set that person free. If someone is in the red with you it's a very good idea to either let that relationship go or renegotiate the terms so that's it is productive.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Early Christmas Present: Saturn Gets a Move On.

Who is Saturn? 

     Saturn is like the strictest teacher that you've ever had. You are expected to learn all his material, turn in all your assignments on time, and get your work done, no excuses. In return, based on the quality of your work, you will be graded absolutely fairly, and when you pass, you know that you have passed. Saturn does not let you fail classes, as any lesson that Saturn teaches will be repeated in increasing severity until you learn it. Sounds rough, right? That's the price of being in Saturn's classroom, and that classroom is the material, the world limited by time and space. 

     So what happens when you pass one of Saturn's classes? You get the reward, and that reward is especially meaningful, because it has been earned. Saturn gives the hard won wisdom to his pupils. Mastery of the lessons of Saturn is the pearl of great price, and leads us inexorably towards the next step up the mountain of wisdom. Each step gives us new vistas to contemplate and process. Saturn rules age, and wisdom comes with age specifically because over time we learn more about the world around us as well as our inner world. Resisting the lessons that Saturn offers keeps us at the base of the mountain with no view and no real wisdom. 

     So, who is Saturn? Saturn is the teacher that wants you to succeed and grow in wisdom, but will not let you shirk your duty to do so. Saturn gets a bad rap because often the wisdom that Saturn teaches requires us to work hard, make sacrifices, and face uncomfortable truths. Saturn is the resistance that makes our muscles stronger, the obstacles that exist to be overcome and is in a very real sense the gatekeeper to greater understanding. 

Saturn's Classes

     Saturn teaches 12 subjects, and those subjects are the astrological signs. Encompassed within these signs are the archetypes of humanity. Astrology is a language of patterns and archetypes, and how those archetypes interact is the wisdom inherent within it. While I could dive deeper into each of the 12 signs, this time would be better spent focusing on what is passing and what is coming in. On December 23rd of 2014, Saturn will transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Saturn takes about 2 and 1/2 years to get through each sign, so when it transitions it is a big deal. 

     While Saturn has been in Scorpio, the tests that Saturn has given have been tests that relate to the archetypes of the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules sex, death, regeneration, shared resources, transitions, the subconscious, our deepest emotions, and the underworld both figuratively and literally. Saturn restricts and limits to teach, so let's just focus on how those two archetypes interpenetrate. Since focus is a keyword of Saturn let's just focus on one aspect of Scorpio that has been affected. 

     When Saturn is in Scorpio, it is difficult to regenerate. To define the term, regeneration is the process by which we get to root blockages and remove them, in order to get rid of those things that have been holding back our evolution and growth. During the transit through Scorpio, this power to regenerate has been severely limited, and the effect that has on people is a real difficulty to give emotional support and energy to others. There is work in the depths that is freeing up a veritable wellspring of energy, but it is not freely available. During this time, people have been feeling more drained than usual, less giving, and more needy. With lots of emotional needs being unmet, many close relationships have been tested deeply. The interesting and productive work that is happening is still under the surface. People are becoming more and more clear about what their emotional needs are and are starting to talk about them. 

     Those that have learned the lessons of this transit will be able to more freely express their deepest needs, and regenerate much easier. This lesson learned increases self-knowledge, removes some of deepest emotional blocks, and allows for people to acknowledge both their own repressed shadow aspects, and those of the greater culture they are a part of. Those that have passed this Saturn test will have tremendous capacity for healing. 

What's Next? 

     Saturn moves into Sagittarius right before Christmas this year. It's an early Christmas present to those of us that have been slogging through the emotional heavy lifting of Saturn in Scorpio. While Saturn is always a bit of a heavy, there are aspects of it moving though Sagittarius that are going to be very uplifting. Sagittarius rules education, philosophy, and truth. So to combine those two energies is to come to an awareness of hard truths. But the promise of this transit is the energy necessary to not only come to an understanding of these hard truths, but to step into an action phase. Sitting around is not favored under the tutelage of Saturn in Sagittarius. This transit calls for getting out and wrestling with these truths publicly. Even though it's still challenge, it's a welcome challenge to those that have been wrestling in the underworld for a couple of years now. 

    What are some of these hard truths? I'll list a few that are meaningful to me, but I welcome any reader of this blog to list their own. 

  1. We are not in a post-racial world, and many of the systems and institutions are steeped in prejudice and racism. 
  2. We are not being stewards of the planet and our collective actions are making real negative impacts on our collective future. 
  3. We are moving towards a much more globalized world and there is real questions of who will hold the reins of this new global order. 
  4. Many of our institutions, political systems, and economic policies are hopelessly corrupt, and there is little will within these systems for real change. 
     There are hundreds of truths, but these are to me some of the truths that are becoming more and more clear. Saturn will help us do the work to educate ourselves and take real and lasting action on our hard truths. 

    Merry Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice, Festivus, or whatever you celebrate! Find your truth and fight. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fundamental Errors - The Denial of the Feminine.

When you get right down to it, we were (almost all) created through sex, born of a woman, embodied upon the Earth. Fundamentally, the body is the vehicle, the Earth is the life support system, sex is the catalyst, and woman the bearer of each generation. This is the reality and without any of these things, this blog would not be possible. The error is that we have on the whole judged each of these categories unconsciously as sinful or fallen in our culture. Much of this is based on Judeo-Christian mythology where we held up a masculine force as the only basis of the universe. God associated with the Father principle with no Mother to be found.

But the Mother has never left, She has just been discounted, degraded, and humiliated over the generations as unimportant, secondary, or not even in the picture. In the ancient pagan understanding, the Mother, or the Goddess was one of the primary archetypes that was worshiped. When the Masculine deity achieved primacy in culture, all other archetypes had to stand aside to Jehovah's greater importance. This was an error, but it was an error that empowered the advance of a civilization of a certain type. A civilization that worked to break free of the dependence on the sometimes chaotic nature of nature.

In other words, we became disconnected from the very sources of life in order to advance as fast as we could. This is not to say that good did not come out of this advance, in fact, the masculine epoch helped us to understand more about the world on the objective level than we ever have before. Being human though, we naturally took reason past the reasonable limits. To be able to exercise reason, a human needs a body. To keep that body working properly, it needs a functioning ecosystem to provide for the needs of the body. We forgot that. We separated mind from body, and the dominance of the masculine became the subjection of the feminine. We're currently in a space and time that is clearly showing us the error of our ways, but there's a lot of money that will be lost when we fully see this error, and this error is fundamentally part of our unconscious cultural programming. Our mythic DNA has been limited by the inbreeding of archaic cultural norms enforced unconsciously.

We now stand at the edge of the new epoch. The epoch defined by the balance of body and mind, the balance of the feminine and the masculine. In order to move into this epoch with any kind of potency, we need to examine our unconscious programming. Obviously, this presents a crisis of consciousness, as how can we see what we can't see? These invisible mythic chains are holding us back from leaping the chasm between this age and the next. So let us examine the fundamental errors so that we can resolve them.

The first error is that the Earth is fallen. That the very material that supports all life is actually a trick of some adversary of humanity and the Universe, commonly called the Devil. It's repeated without cognition that the Earth is the realm of the devil, and that in some way the devil runs the whole material show. If this is the fundamental belief, the many extensions of this belief are causing ruin and discord on the material plane. One extension of this belief justifies absolute exploitation of the Earth for very limited ends. Limited ends like the accumulation of currency to act as a bulwark against the uncertainty in natural and unnatural systems. The fact that this crass materialism is justified on a belief that the material world is fallen only spotlights the blatant inaccuracy inherent within it.

The reason for the demotion of the Earth from source of life to source of wickedness was the probably the unconscious desire of the priests of yore to stamp out the traditional worship of the Goddess. The Goddess, Gaia, the Earth Mother was an almost universal archetype of worship in cultures before the ascendancy of the Monotheistic religions. In order for these religions to thrive, the worship of the Earth Mother had to be stamped out forcefully. This destruction of a primary subject of worship was furthered considerably by the Imperial Roman form of Christianity. During the period of the Christian epoch of the Roman Empire, the believers destroyed most of the temples devoted to the polytheistic pantheon including those of the Goddess, already demoted to the grain goddess Ceres. This Imperial church also manifested its denial and repression of the Goddess in the persecution of witches in both Europe and the Americas.

This denial of the feminine over the course of centuries, especially evident in the Christian era of western civilization has finally reached the point where recognition of the Earth, and therefore the Goddess is necessary for future evolutionary growth. We ignore the clear messages from the Earth in the form of rapidly changing climate, extinction of species, and loss of biodiversity at our clear and present peril. The good news is that the recognition of our place in the world and our devotion to living in balance with natural systems will allow us to move to a new level of integrity and interconnection. We heal ourselves as we heal the Earth.

The second error is that our bodies are evil, or infected with "original sin". Our bodies are the vehicle for us to learn, adapt and grow. This primary error is a simple tool for control. To have power over people, you must dis-empower them. It's much easier to work on the programs to get people to dis-empower themselves, rather than having to constantly actively repress them. Always the goal is to get people to do the work for you if you're at the top of any dogmatic hierarchical system. By creating fear and loathing of our own vehicles, we have a tougher time operating them effectively.

Human behavior is different when we hate our own bodies. From this standpoint it is difficult to connect to the inner self, and it is difficult to connect to each other and to the Earth itself. Before a child is introduced to the concept that his material vessel is fallen, there is a great joy in the body. How many children, given their choice are happy to prance around naked without shame. The shame of the body and the functions of the body are taught and transmitted unconsciously. The body seen as evil, becomes something to be afraid of, and to deny or to hide from the world.
There are also the subtle ways that the body is held up to be imperfect. The ideals for a body that is "worthy" have been narrowed for generations. We have cultural standards of beauty now that are tremendously unhealthy, but are held up as the ideal. Because of these standards, everyone measures themselves against this ideal, finds themselves lacking, then judge the bodies of others and enforce their judgement as a group which continues this unhealthy cycle. This divides us against each other, we become the judges of others and ourselves and continue the cycle without ever really wondering who sets these ridiculous standards.

Our bodies are vehicles for liberation, but when we are divided against ourselves our body becomes the barrier. When the unconscious program that the body is fallen is operative, many people fall into the trap of believing that the goal is liberation from the body. This trap cuts us off from the source, even as we believe that we're transcending the body. This is the path of false ascension. To spend energy and time working to transcend the vehicle is simply making sure that it is improbable to move forward. It's important also to remember that this argument is not in defense of mindless hedonism, but rather, the simple acceptance that the body is the one of the main tools we've been given to experience the world around us and gain in wisdom.

The third error is that woman is fallen. This is a pernicious interpretation from the myth and metaphor of the Garden of Eden and Eve's role in eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The story of Eve being an outgrowth of the rib of Adam also reinforces the error in some minds of the natural place of woman being subsidiary and subject to the man. The myth of the tree in the garden can be interpreted in many different ways, but this was the primary interpretation throughout most of the Abrahamic religions histories. A rebel interpretation of this myth is that by being connected to her own body, Eve was connected to her own serpent energy (kundalini) and used that energy to be able to understand the duality, which is the field of the mind. In this interpretation, Eve was the hero, and the serpent represents the slow process of liberation from the subjection to the whims of a tribal male God. So, it's natural that Yahweh through his male priests would slander her.

Woman is not fallen. Our mothers are not fallen, our sisters, aunts and grandmas are not fallen. To believe that is to hold oneself above that very persons that suffered and struggled to bring every human life into this world. To set men above women is to misinterpret all of history, and is based on spurious and archaic evidence at best. This myth that so many men hold of their dominance is a slow poison that women have only recently begun to heal in earnest. By holding down the ambassadors of the feminine principle, humanity became detached from and fearful of half of our spiritual inheritance and spiritual leadership for countless generations. For centuries, women were not allowed to hold any positions of spiritual authority, even though they are the caretakers of the path of the immanent.

The idea and experience of the immanent is the deep teaching that women have held over the course of most of human history. The immanent is the fact that there is no deep need to reach beyond the here and now in order to experience the bliss of the universe. This is not to say that the transcendent is not important, just that it is not the full path. Through the dis-empowerment of women, we became dependent on teachers and priests as guides to the transcendent. By dis-empowering women, we disconnected from the knowledge that it's all around us and we are the guides for ourselves and for each other. We became goal (salvation) oriented, rather than recognizing that the universal source of life is not separate from us. We are a part of it, not apart from it.

The fourth error is that sex is sinful and fallen. This is especially evident in areas influenced by the Abrahamic religions, and in the United States, we also have a particularly virulent strain of puritanism that informs our culture. To be cut off from sex is to be cut off from the very source of charisma and creativity. The religious corollaries of sex as an evil to be avoided except when necessary is reinforced by the idea that the divine man was born of a virgin, and never participated in the so-called "sins of the flesh". This informed his followers to create a "celibate" priesthood. This was always a dicey proposition as repressed sexuality tends to come out in non-adaptive and predatory ways. When we deny our basic drives, they do not go away, they just find other ways to surface.

To believe that sex is evil or fallen is to condemn the very act that prefaced the existence of each person on this planet. This is a denial of roots, a denial of an activity that when entered into willingly can be a great and wonderful boon to tightening bonds and reaching transcendent, ecstatic states of consciousness. This culturally imposed limitation on a boundless source of pleasure, discovery and connection is the source of a lot of our cultural problems. Homophobia, desire to legislate standards of sexual behavior of others, deep hostility to any expression of sex other than the traditional expression are all outgrowths of our cultural inability to live and let live where sex is concerned.

Sex is a natural expression of self. All sexual encounters between consenting adults are potential paths for self-realization, ecstatic states, growth and transformation. There is no inherent moral or ethical evil in sex, and the only sex that is fallen is that which is forced upon the unwilling. The sexual revolution is not over and done with, the sexual revolution is moving into the second act, and as more and more people begin to explore their bodies and their sexuality with open minds and open hearts, we will begin to remember the power inherent in the healthy expression of our sexuality.

If our culture is a temple, these four false pillars are in the process of crumbling into dust. We must build a new temple together, based on recognizing the value of those aspects of life that we have denied, repressed and projected our illusions upon. The Earth is Sacred. The Body is Sacred. Women and Men are Sacred. Our Sexuality is Sacred. When we recognize deeply within our soul that we are in fact not fallen, then we can rise.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Occupy Disillusionment

There are some hard truths that must be swallowed in order to be free of some of the shared illusions that have infiltrated our subconscious and unconscious minds. In this short essay, I'll be expressing some of these truths. Once Occupy has fully swallowed these hard truths, they can be spread out to more and more people, and the energy released from the process of dispelling these illusions will be the fuel of rapid change. Each of these illusions are detrimental to the process of Occupy moving forward. None of these illusions will be dispelled by the major media, as these illusions benefit the corporate owners of our media.

Truth #1
America is an Empire
Many of us within the movement are already aware that this is the case, but the illusion that we are a shining light to the world has been taught to us from the depths of childhood. Many of us believe that we are still living in an imperfect democracy. The truth is that after World War II, the US became the main imperial power on the planet. We set up our military bases all across the world and enforced our will on other countries through the threat or the use of force. The majority of the wars we've been involved in since World War II have been blatantly imperialistic. The Vietnamese War, the Wars in the Middle East, even the Cold War was a war between two emergent imperial powers.
When Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, he was warning us about our rise to imperial power and the potential pitfalls of this path to freedom and democracy. The reality is that there have been moments where the logic of Empire was challenged, including during the 60's, but the reality is that the media was able to continue to call us the "greatest democracy" in the world. The "War on Terror" was the final nail in the coffin of democracy. The Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and more recently the NDAA were the final nails in the coffin of a democratic republic based on founding principles. In an Empire, the rights you have are the rights you're given.

One final point. In most parts of the world, there is no need to debate whether America is an Empire. It is known.

Truth #2
America is ruled by a Plutocracy
First, a basic definition. Plutocracy means "rule by the wealthy", and for most people involved in Occupy, this is no surprise. In fact, the entire idea of the 99% and the 1% points to this Plutocracy. The reality is that our entire system of monetary-market capitalism is geared towards enriching those at the top and allowing those at the top to accumulate more and more of the shared resources of the Earth and then to distribute those resources as they see fit. If you understand how hierarchies work, you can understand how a relatively small group of people can control the flow of information and manage the masses without being seen to do so.

The basic corporate structure is a dominance hierarchy. The CEO is at the top of the pyramid and controls those below. This structure is the main structure that both permeates and maintains the economic system as it stands. What's interesting is that the people at the top of the pyramids talk to each other and map out their moves in advance. The elite meet often, behind closed doors and work to maintain the power and control that they have acquired, and they work together to do so. At the top, they work together laterally. The question is, "how do we maintain our dominance of the world's people and resources?" Then they plan out the action. Action can be a legislative agenda, a war, an economic slump, and almost anything else they can think of.

The only way that the Plutocracy can maintain their incredibly inequitable power is by consciously dis-empowering the people.

Truth #3
The "War on Terror" is a trick
Not only is the War on Terror a trick, but we fell for it hook, line and sinker. The Plutocracy knew that because of the resource depletion that they helped to move forward through the cycle of consumption would lead to major crisis all around the world. They knew this well before it started to become evident. In order to justify in the public mind wars based on the controlling the key resource of oil in the industrial economy they would have to rally the public around an enemy. That enemy was the Muslims, which in a predominantly Christian country was an easy enemy to rally the people against.

September 11th was the most horrific example of elite staging of events in world history so far. We have never been told the truth about this event and the official explanations can be discounted based on high school level physics. The lie was defended fiercely, and anyone who questioned the "official" truth was made to suffer for their dedication to truth. The reason it was so easy to get the public to enforce this official "truth" was because people did not want to believe that their government could be complicit in such a horrendous act.

The World Trade Center was a means to the end of the "War on Terror". The goal of the "War on Terror", was to get us as a public very scared so that we would make terrible decisions. We projected our fear and hatred onto the official "enemies", which turned out to be two countries critical to continued imperial dominance. But this is not the worst part of the "War on Terror". The worst part is what comes next, as the government is working to redefine "terrorists" as anyone who is against the system continuing as it currently is. This redefinition is aimed at getting us so scared of our neighbors that we'll be willing to allow the imprisonment of those that are willing to stand against a system based on inequality, resource depletion, and elite control.

Truth #4
The Plutocracy is existentially threatened by the global uprising
The reason the Plutocracy is threatened is simple. They are having their corruption exposed on all levels. Through internet technology, social media, and heightened forms of lateral communication, the tools for the liberation of the people are in our grasp. The collective community empowerment of the public, armed with knowledge of the Plutocracy and no longer willing to sit back and take the abuse of the Plutocracy are rising up all around the world. This rising up is an amazing opportunity of the people to create a new ground level system that is not dependent on the Plutocracy in order to thrive.

To take this step collectively will basically put the Plutocracy out of power. The responsibility of Occupy and other social movements is to begin to build the structures that will hold us up as a community when the system begins failing. If we can take care of our own needs locally, and collectively take responsibility for each other, the people win. In order to avoid this eventuality, the Plutocracy will do everything within their power to suppress and repress this drive for freedom and community interdependence. That's why it's very likely that the repression will turn more and more overt in the coming years.

When you live in an Empire, ruled by a scared Plutocracy that is willing to kill it's own citizens to maintain their power, it is important that it is understood. Once the illusions are removed, and the mourning is done, the work must begin. I'll be honest, I don't think fighting the Plutocracy directly is going to help. I think that through our community centered actions in our own communities, we can make those power-hungry bastards irrelevant. Our biggest weakness as a people is our food supply. I urge everyone to plant a few seeds that will bear fruits and vegetables this planting season. Building a city-wide garden is the most revolutionary act we can be involved in.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Transitional Phase for Occupy Portland

Hey to all of Occupy Portland!

First and foremost, thank you for last night. I felt proud. Stayed till 5:30am. Then went home. I was wearing my Polar Bear hat. Woke up to the camp coming down. So, what now?

A couple of things, I think. But first... ground-rules for Occupy Portland 2.0.
1. If you're at the camp, you contribute to the camp.
2. We hold each other accountable.

Priority #1- We need to move the ideas and the concepts of the Occupy Movement to the neighborhoods. I propose that you find out the park closest to you, go to that park at 3pm on Sundays, promote it to your neighbors and get some neighborhood connectivity going. Build these meetings up through outreach. When the meetings get big enough.... you have your neighborhood networked, activated and you focus your neighborhood on whatever the local, national or global needs we need to address. This is a simple step, and it decentralizes the movement and brings it to the 99%. Don't try to Occupy a park until you have the people to do it.

Priority #2- Figure out after a few meetings, the "specialty" that you can bring to the larger groups. Neighborhoods in Portland are very different, and each has its own qualities. Alberta as the "Art and Festival" coordinating neighborhood, for example. Just an example.

Priority #3- Elect representatives from your neighborhood meetings to be the voices and votes in the larger City of Portland General Assemblies. This takes away a lot of the agent provacateurs power from the General Assemblies. Keep the General Assemblies open to the public, of course. But work to limit the ability of one or two people to disrupt the Assemblies for their own ego needs or because that's their job...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reclaiming the meaning of Halloween


It’s almost time for Halloween, and many of the readers of this newsletter may already know that Halloween is a traditional day pulled from Celtic holy calender of the year. It used to be called Samhain back in the day before the Celts had much of their culture extinguished and consumed by other more successful cultures. Samhain fell about halfway between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice and most sources believe that it was around October 31st-November 5th that it used to be celebrated. It was the day of the ancestors, when the veil between the living and the dead was supposed by the people to be the thinnest.

A person might think that this would be creepy to some of our ancient brethren, but in fact, most of the historical data points to the idea that the dead were welcomed in to people’s houses. Doors and windows were unlocked and opened, and food was prepared specifically for the deceased. On this day, many of the Celtic tribes would extinguish their hearth completely and then relight it. This was a ritual that was supposed to welcome in the new year. For the Celts believed that death and darkness were the prerequisite for life itself.

In fact, an ancient Welsh tradition could very well be the precursor for our modern ritual of “trick or treating”. The Welsh would bake their cakes and the less well off would take on the collective identity of the local ancestors and go from house to house asking for food. If they were refused by a homeowner, it was very likely that some property damage would ensue to the uncharitable household. The culture as a whole supported this, as the homeowner had broken a taboo, by refusing food to the ancestors.

In modern culture, death is often thought as something to be afraid of, and this is quite a departure from what our Celtic brothers and sisters thought of it. Death was thought of as a natural and sacred part of life, and much of the association of this seasonal festival was based on the honoring of death and those that have passed through that particular gate before us. In modern times we often forget about our ancestors before they have even passed on. When they stop being productive, they can become a burden rather than a blessing.

It is not hard to understand why death was associated with this season. Several obvious natural themes were in effect at this time of season. Many of the animals that were abundant during the spring and summer were now gone, either flown away, or conserving energy through hibernation. The vegetation, especially the leaves on deciduous trees had fallen and were rotting slowly on the ground. Diseases associated with the change to the colder, wetter season had come and taken some of the weak and elderly kinsmen. Death was everywhere manifest, and the nights were getting longer and colder.

So internally, this was a time of year where people confronted their mortality, when they dove deep into themselves, when they contemplated the mysteries of life and death. This was also the time of year when the parts of the self that no longer served growth were sacrificed. So the questions of the season: How do I honor my ancestors? What is my relationship with death? What parts of myself no longer serve growth?