Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rebooting the System- Mercury in Aquarius Jan/Feb 2015

Rebooting the System


System Scan (January 4th)

On the Macro and the Micro, we are products of systems, both the systems that we operate under in society and the systems that we build up to make sense of the world around us. Mercury is basically our system administrator on a personal level. He holds all the data we have captured in our lifetime, and helps us to process that data into a higher definition picture of reality. On January 4th, there was a very powerful and emotional Full Moon and that same day, Mercury moved into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius and Mercury get along like gangbusters, and the move basically put the system administrator in charge and empowered. So what's the first thing our hero does? He cracks his knuckles, gets in front of his screen and runs a systems check. Things are looking very interesting, but he'll have to wait till tomorrow to process the data. 

Warnings and Errors (January 5th)

The results are in! It seems like several systems have warnings and errors. After the check, many people will hit the ignore and hide button. Denial on the macro and micro is high. Mercury is checking in with Saturn on January 5th and it is one of the first contacts to Saturn after the move into Sagittarius. (Saturn in Sag explained here) This is a chance to clearly see what programs aren't working, and offers both the bandwidth and focus to examine them. If people are able to examine these programs critically, those that we programmed, and those programmed by the larger culture, then they've got a great chance for a breakthrough when the patch comes in. 

Patches and Downloads (January 14th)

So, we've checked our operating system, and there are some changes that need to be made. Those that ignored the first popups from the system scan will find this day and the immediately following day to be very difficult. Those that have accepted the necessary changes will be downloading some of their fixes and patches at this time. Mercury and Uranus are offering the opportunity to really upgrade the system with some work. There will be a lot of information to process, and there will be time, because Mercury is about to check all his work. 

Systems Analysis (January 21st)

On January 21st, a day after the New Moon and the Sun's move into Aquarius, Mercury sweeps back through all the work that's been done, and integrates it into the system. If no patches have been downloaded, this is when the errors start compounding. Those that have changed some of their systems, or become aware of some of the bigger networks will begin to process the new information. Also, at this time there will be a great searching for more information to further solidify and fine-tune the new information. Even really good downloads may have a bit of malware attached, and this is an opportunity to really test the new upgraded system. 

Beta Testing (January 27th and 28th)

These are key days for testing out the new and hopefully improved programs. Also, since other people are going through this same upgrade, they'll be testing theirs out as well. Mercury will be very interested in sharing the insights gained and hoping to spark even higher gains through inventive and attentive conversation. The more people step into their upgraded systems, the more efficient, adjusted and advanced these systems and programs can be. It's difficult to explain, but there's an opportunity to start developing in the cloud. With Venus moving into Pisces on the 27th, there is a dissolving of boundaries with a clear view of the systems. Which means many will start to more clearly see the systems of others. There is the potential for connecting to a self-creating shared culture, that has enough unity to really challenge some of the bigger systemic problems. 

Upgrades and Breakdowns (February 5th)

Saturn meets with Mercury again. Was the work done? If so, there are big upgrades that come in the form of more effective and honest communication. Mercury will be humming and brimming with plans and tying up all the loose ends so when he starts moving forward again, he gets a running start. If not, right around here is the breakdowns both mental and physical. Some may even hit bottom. Luckily, there will be a lot of empowered and patched people around to lend their hands. 

Reboot (February 11th and 12th)

Mercury starts moving forward again and those that have reset, reprogrammed and rebooted their systems are ready to get started on the larger ones. There will be a shift here, with many of the internal processes starting to manifest external results. Changes in long held patterns, freer and less constricted communication, and ease in seeing the path forward. In many ways this is just in time, as the final square between Pluto and Uranus is only one month away. Big external change is roiling, and the internal work that was done during this retrograde will be a benefit in navigating those changes.  

Keep Calm and Reboot!