Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mysteries of the Ineffable (A short poem)

I AM and Will be forever, but me, me is transitory.
A suit that I can wear if I Will.
I call the suit Michael, so... how do you do? From I to me to you.
I object never, me subject ever.
May I? Surely.
Will I? Perhaps.
Do I speak in riddles?
I'll get to the point, the point is the center, the circumference my grasp.
Am I talking in circles?
Indeed that's a fact, but the fact of the matter is that matter's not fact.
If you can't quite follow, I Will lead you there, but the I is not Michael, and the there is no "where".
For "where" is location in time and in space, Michael hangs out there, but I am no "place".
So...... How do you do?
Well, I wish you well if you Will it, don't you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overthrowing the Tyrant

All things must change, because things are subject to change. That means that all of our creations, all of our bodies, all of our ideas must change. To resist this change is to be subject to the illusion of permanance. To find a way to help things change in rational ways is what many are being called to do at this time. 2010 could be a year of positive transformation, or it could be a year of negative stagnation. The choice is as it always is, up to the choosers. Most of us choose to not choose, in fact, we choose to not even educate ourselves enough to be capable of making the informed choice. This is why we are ruled by others instead of being the rulers of our selves.
An ego with a master is a tool, whereas an ego without a master tops from the bottom. When we are controlled by the machine of our automatic responses, by our pathologies, by our unconscious drives, we are at the mercy of a petty tyrant indeed. We all have the responsibility to overthrow this tyrant, before we move on to the other oppressive forces in the world. Otherwise we become what we beheld, we begin to live out the oppressive circumstances we attempted to conquer. We must empower our true selves, and overthrow the tyrant within, because we live in very interesting times. We test the limits of natural systems by imposing artificial systems on top of them. This leads to ruin, to deprivation, and to an unfortunately natural population loss. We can choose this path. But should we?
We are called to transcend the myth of the phoenix, by regenerating before the ashes of dissolution. The only path to do this that I see is by becoming agents of transformation. By internally bringing the tyrant of the ego to heel, to serve the true self, and through the freedom gained from smashing the shackles of our own limitations, using that freedom to help others free themselves. Liberty can move to the next level, but it will take all of us challenging ourselves to make it so.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Theory.

So, here's a blog, a chance to make my voice heard through the power of social connectivity. I'm excited for it, and for the first post I'll just posit a theory.

Humanity's next goal is to become globally interconnected, and focused locally on radical interdependence. This is real freedom, and leaves room for the true power of enlightened individualism, while recognizing the adage that "no person is an island". Let's break it down.

Global Interconnectivity- This goal is already in process, but will continue to unfold as time passes. This is the promise of the internet, that people all over the world will be able to understand each other to a greater extent and grow their own autonomy through seeds planted from around the world. We can actually as a species learn best practices, and radically improve our efficiency in the use of global resources. The long term goal here is simple and unassailable, and only seems radical if a person is wearing blinders. This goal is for humanity to live in balance with natural systems rather than living in systems that naturally oppose balance.

Local Interdependence- Local interdependence means that the fundamentals to life and society are home grown. Drinking primarily local water, eating primarily local food, and building and creating our own local products. The basics should all be sustainably made, and made close to home so that breakdowns in the global supply chain do not have the capacity to cripple local livelihoods. It also presupposes that the local community has to interact with each other to survive and thrive. Imagine the intensity of creativity that such a movement would engender. Also if you will, imagine the new cultural flowering that would take root from such a movement.

Enlightened Individualism- There is a simple tenet that many cultures have used throughout history. Do as you will, as long as you do not infringe on the rights of others. Individual freedom is an absolute pre-requisite to creative leaps into the future, it is the bane of all repressive systems as a free individual will stand up to preserve that freedom. This is not the petty individualism of "nobody tells me what to do" which judges the individual as perfect. This idea is very obviously and patently false. But full individual potential for freedom is the field where genius manifests most often. We can always use more genius.