Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some observations.

It seems to me that in the coming years, humanity will need to evolve in order to avoid breakdown and dissolution. We need to inhabit a more interconnected and interdependent world space in our own local communities. We also must invest in local self-reliance and personal autonomy. The idea that America is a culture of consumers has to be challenged by emerging as producers again. We should produce for the needs of the community, with the idea that a consumer can knock on your door and work out a resolution is the product does not perform as advertise. A real world consequence of unethical business behavior would add a moral dimension to the workings of the market. Instead of an invisible hand, the market would be guided by qualities like craftsmanship, efficiency, durability and local sourcing. This would reward those crafters that are able to identify a community need, and fill the void with a product in which the proceeds are fed back into the community. It is not that we do not need corporations at all. The computer that I type this on is proof of that, but many corporations represent autonomy and self-reliance ceded by the community for temporary convenience. The more localized and interdependent a community economy is, the more distinct culture emerges. Many feel and think that many cultural traditions are dissolving in this new informational age, but with a new focus we could see a flowering of culture emerging not seen since the enlightenment. We can either choose to help birth this new cultural unfoldment through our participation or we can sit on the sidelines.
If we choose to participate the questions become simple.
1. What does the community need/want?
2. What skills do I have or could I organize that can serve this community need/want?
3. What's my plan to achieve this?

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