Friday, May 20, 2011

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries.

The outer planets are almost fully settled in their homes for the next few years. Neptune will dip back into Aquarius for a while later this year before it goes into Pisces to stay for several years starting in 2012. So what does this mean? Let's go through the outer planets and speak to each of them individually before bringing it all together. The outer planets tend to be rather impersonal in their effect and they bring change to the general zeitgeist of which individuals are just a part.

Pluto in Capricorn - 2008-2024
Pluto rules transformation, exposing and excising what's rotten and no longer serves evolutionary purpose, the underworld and the underground resources, the drive for increased power, and the deep and sometimes painful transformations and transitions of life. Capricorn is the sign of the climber, it rules business, corporate hierarchies, global capital and global institutions, active leadership in practical endeavors, the high places in life,, the limitations imposed by the material world, materialism as an end to itself, and the drive for success as defined by culture, It is no surprise then that right when Pluto made it's move into Capricorn, we were beset with the biggest bank scandals in living memory. We saw the greed of the few at the very top of the economic pyramid completely bringing the global economy to a standstill. The drive for power and material resources had gone pathological in the global economy and the consequences of this drive is still unfolding in real time. At the same time, Pluto has made visible the corruption and rot in our global institutions to the aware and awake public, and there is a backlash developing against those institutions that have and continue to abuse their power.

Neptune in Pisces - 2011-2026
Neptune is the planet that dissolves structures, it is spiritual, escapist, illusionary, mystical, self-sacrificing, idealistic, and sometimes wholly impractical. It rules the depths of the unconscious, those things that are secret and hidden, the world underneath and beside the everyday world. It also rules the delusions and illusions that are taken as truth by their adherents. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so it reinforces the action of Neptune. Released from constraints, Neptune is likely to show us our interconnectedness on this planet through unitive moments of group emotional connection and in the unfolding global crises that begin to spill out across the world with no regard for created borders and state lines. Neptune in Pisces begins to show us the deep connection that we hold with others, but it will also lead to a lot of escapism on the personal level through drink, drugs, attachment to false spiritual leaders, violent acts of self-sacrifice for larger belief structures, and intense and subtle emotional drives leading large groups of people to do things that are wholly irrational with both positive and negative results.

Uranus in Aries - 2010-2019
Uranus is the planet of great and terrible liberation. It is the earth shaking, it is the absolute and unequivocal form of change. Uranus is not the slow painful transformation of Pluto, it is not the slow and subtle dissolution of Neptune, instead it is the lightning strike, the great invention, the world changing idea, the revolution. Uranus breaks down structures that don't work by sheer energy and power, often very quickly. Aries represents the drive for individual freedom, for the right to do and be what the will demands. Aries is the warrior, girt with sword and sometimes shield, striding onto the battlefield. With Uranus in Aries people are beginning to demand their rights across the globe, and this drive for individual autonomy is irrepressible in the long run. There's still many years of this yet to come, and they will not be peaceful years, as the masses continue to get more and more angry, that anger will manifest in some pretty brutal ways and means.

How these influences interrelate-
The biggest issue going on leading up to and past 2012 is the direct Uranus-Pluto Square. In astrology a square is a 90 degree angle between planets, it is considered a crisis point. When it's two of the outer planets dancing around this angle, it represents pretty huge and global crisis. These two influences, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are in for some pretty huge battles in the coming years. What that means is that the drive for freedom from the masses is going to continue to come into conflict with entrenched and corrupt institutional, political and economic power. More and more people are going to realize that the world that they want to be living in won't be given to them by these power structures, it will have to be taken, perhaps by force. The Arab Spring is only the beginning of the pretty huge battles that will be fought across the globe, starting to really peak in 2012.

The basic battle is the drive for more individual freedoms vs. the drive for continued control of the world's resources by the global elite. The tops of the corporate, economic and political hierarchies will attempt to hold onto their positions with ever widening repression, misinformation campaigns, and violent reaction against the people. The rallying cry for the elite will be "stability" and the rallying cry for the revolutionaries will be "change". Everywhere these two are opposed there will be conflict, reactionary and revolutionary political movements and general organized entrenchment. There is real potential for reactionary movements coming to power in places of conflict and mightily abusing that power once they get it. In general, the nation-states will be under greater and greater pressure both from internal pressures and external pressures.

Now to add Neptune in Pisces to the mix. In many ways this influence will be unitive for the public across the world. Through shared sacrifice, many will come to feel an unshakable bond with their communities and the world. They will feel the shared connection and deeply connect to the universal during this time of conflict. Feeling the boundaries slip away from political boundaries, to social boundaries, to boundaries enforced by belief systems will allow a good chunk of the population to connect to each other on deep levels and work together to manifest their dreams of a better world in a generally practical way. But there's also the misuse of Neptune in Pisces that's going to come into play. The energy of Neptune always has the potential for deliberate misuse.

The way the institutional structures of power will misuse this energy is by deep distraction. It will use the means of transmission, like television and the Internet to broadcast an illusion of how things are, it will also reinforce the shared illusions of the public through media and there will be a lot of circuses, if not bread, to keep the people that have the most potential to change the global situation entertained and complacent. The drive for freedom and self-determination greatly threatens the global economic system and the corporate hierarchies, therefore, keeping the people in check is critical to their maintenance of control.

The way the leaders of the movement for individual freedom and autonomy could misuse this energy is by using the emotional beliefs of their fellow men and women to promote violent martyrdom against the institutions that they believe have become fully oppressive. The energy of Neptune has no problem sacrificing itself for the good of the whole, and coupled with the violent freedom urge of Uranus in Aries we have a lot of bombs, human carnage, and chaos that will come out of that. This will reinforce the media message of the global elite, and will allow highly fascist reactionaries to come into power. So both will feed each other.

But remember that in the meantime, people are coming into a place of shared power, clear views of the structures of power, as well as clear views of the corruption of many of the institutions as well. At the same time they are gaining their freedom and autonomy through the uprising of the people across the world. They are feeling their connection to each other and the Earth and there is a deep healing happening in the midst of the crisis. What I would suggest is that you connect to those people that are working to build community, that you work on yourself, that you gain your freedom along with the sense of your shared connection and responsibility to the Earth and each other. We are interdependent and we are all connected, and together, armed with that knowledge, we can start making these changes work for the good of ourselves, our communities, and the Earth itself.

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